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Shehzad Hassan

Network Engineer, Bell
Father of 1 daughter & 1 son

Awesome program! I attended several events on parenting and found great ways of addressing some problematic behaviors in children. Very effective and simple! The workshop teaches how to practically handle various situations. The parenting tools has opened a new world of enjoyment for me & my children. I am looking forward to attend future parenting workshops. This is a must to attend event for every parent!


Shahid Chaudhry

Immigration Consultant & Secretary, Durham Islamic Center

The parenting workshop at our local mosque definitely had impressive content, and was delivered professionally. We cannot connect with our children without parental principles understanding. The workshop addressed solutions to academic, social and emotional pressures which children face everyday. I wish I had attended earlier.


Farha Khan

Mother of 2 daughters

Parenting in these busy times is such a difficult task for a lot of parents who are stressed and overwhelmed. I felt that there was a stream of good ideas that flowed from the parenting sessions which provoked very healthy conversations amongst the participants. The presenters were dynamic and friendly and offered easy and very understandable solutions for everyday parenting concerns. Definitely worth attending!


Aman Bukhari

IT Engineer
Father of 3 children

I wanted to learn parenting techniques for my 3 young children. I attended the parental workshop session in my local masjid and acquired uniquely applicable parenting techniques. Reduction of stress and increase in happiness in the home were definitely noted. I recommend the class to any one with young children.

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