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Here are examples of few topics that will be taught primarily in 'Workshop' style in various sessions so that parents can be more interactive & engaged in various activities and 'hands-on' exercise to develop necessary parenting skills, feel more comfortable with the skills and thereby, practice it at home.

Group A

• What Do You Want (as a parent)?
• Communication Techniques to Engage Kids in a Meaningful Way
• Teen Age Context from Psychology Perspective
• Inductive vs. Deductive Reasoning

Group B

• Why Children Misbehave
• Natural and Logical Consequence
• Family Meetings
• Family Routines

Group C

• Capital Punishment vs. Discipline
• Types of Parents
• Discipline
• Teaching Self Regulation
• Psychological Negative Impact of Physical Discipline or Abusive Discipline
• Negative Impact on Parent-Child Relationship

Group D

• Decision Making
• Sibling Rivalry
• Responsibility vs. Empowerment
• Family Rules
• Family Belief System
• Explicitly Teaching ‘Self-Regulation’

Group E

• Encouragement vs. Praise
• Resiliency (How to cover from mistakes)
• Altruism (Sincerity)

Group F

• Developing the Deductive Learner
• Empowerment Vs. Enabling
• Active Parenting
• Teachable Moments

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