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4 Part Video Series


Dr. Zaihan Rashid

Medical Doctor

Community Khateeb

HSF Founder

Our hero in this four part story, Prophet Ibrahim (AS), an intelligent young man questioned why people around him were worshipping stone idols. He came up with a plan to destroy the idols, and as a result of this the king ordered him to be thrown into a blazing large fire. Miraculously, Allah saved Prophet Ibrahim (AS) from the fire. Throughout the rest of his life Prophet Ibrahim (AS) faced many more hardships, but maintained trust in Allah.  Allah elevated his status so high that many of the aspects of our Muslim faith are because of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) such as - Zam Zam water, the Hajj pilgrimage, and sacrifice on eid-ul-Adha. Join Dr. Zaihan Rashid as he tells us the Story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS),  the “Friend of Allah” as he was known.


From the story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) children will learn valuable life lessons:


  • Importance of pleasing Allah

  • Trusting in Allah’s plan

  • Relationships between parents/children

  • Using hardships to get closer to Allah


& many more!

Part 1 (25 minutes)

Part 2 (25 minutes)

Part 3 (25 minutes)

Part 4 (17 minutes)

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